A note about fee structures

Every project is different. In value, size and structure, nothing is ever the same.

When calculating a project fee, we assess the challenges and opportunities of your project in order to make an individual fee proposal.

The following formula shows how this might be worked out:

(Hourly Rate of Task x No. Hours Worked) + Value + Experience = Cost

Time is an unavoidable cost when calculating the fee on a creative project, but where studio fees differ is in the value added to your business based on the experience of the project team. For example, an efficient and timeless design with no wasted resources (printed or digital) saves you money in the long term and in future maintenance that far outweighs any differences in comparative quotes.

Fees can be fixed (where the task is tightly defined), ad-hoc hourly rates, a percentage of sales, or an exchange of services dependent on your circumstance.

Our business model allows us to undertake subsidised / affordable work for creative and entrepreneurial folk who make work that we are excited about. If you'd ever like to start a conversation about your brand or communication design, GET IN TOUCH AND SAY HELLO!