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Blending history, culture and the technology in your pocket.


After receiving over one million euro in investment funding in 2014, took it's next steps to develop its prototype from a bare bones travel guide app to a more evolved form. The guides, written from a historical and cultural perspective, we also time-based, with the app's algorithm creating a walking tour based on the user's location and available time.

Building upon the app's success, we created and developed a marketplace app to access all the guides, and were also the first travel guide available on Apple Watch on the day of the Watch's release.

The next product developed and tested was the Publisher platform, designed to allow travel writers & publishers, museums and tourism authorities to create their own guides

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Aasvi is a Hindu name meaning Blessed and Victorious.


AASVI was created to take action against sexual violence for all affected by it, both men and women. Believing that all people should be safe in all aspects of their lives, they work to effect changes in legislation & education around the issues of, and related to, sexual violence.