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A project management conference with an inclusive agenda.


Now in its fifth year, the PM Summit brings together great minds and leaders to share their experiences, methods and stories with project management professionals across all sectors of industry, from engineering to pharmaceutical to IT.

It aims to create an inclusive experience for a diverse and eclectic audience open to new ideas not only in their own sectors, but further beyond, and to encourage them to experience and explore new ideas and knowledge from other sectors.


Agile solutions for an agile conference.


To support the promotion of the PM Summit we created a design language that evolved the previous summits’ collateral while maintaining and growing the existing brand identity.

A flexible set of modular elements, glyphs, photography and typography was easily adapted across brochures, agenda documents, social media promotional materials and videos, infographics, and the on-the-day presentation templates, speaker intro graphics, swag packs, and environmental design. 

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“The pride you take in your work is truly inspiring. Thank you as you have not only made a complicated process look easy, but we all had fun along the way.”

Raymond Poole.
Co-Founder, PM Summit Ltd.